Leon Trayman Voice Coaching

Estill Practise Groups

Come and practise your 13 Figures and 6 Qualities!

Two or Three figures each session & ample opportunities are available to ask questions, really practise the figures, work with Estill VoicePrint (bring your device with Estill VoicePrint installed).

1 - Effort, False Vocal Folds, Onsets
2 - Body/Cover, Thyroid, Cricoid
3 - Larynx, AES
4 - Velum, Anchoring
5 - Tongue, Lips, Jaw
6 - Speech, Falsetto
7 - Twangs, Sob
8 - Opera, Belt

Coaching Session Gift Voucher

Do you want to buy a coaching session for someone? This is ideal for you!

You will receive a gift voucher with an individual code that you the person can redeem at checkout when they schedule their session.

If you have any questions, or have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regular Coaching Bulk Discount (4 sessions)

If you want to have regular coaching sessions, you can book in bulk to receive a preferential discounted rate.

Sessions are paid for in advance & you receive a unique code to use at checkout when booking your sessions.

(Only available for singing, accent and voice sessions)